128-bit vs 256 bit encryption

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Greetings, I'm first time user of 1Password security software and recently bought the iPad version and am using the Windows beta. I've made some browsing of currently available iPad security apps and found that most if not all of them claiming 256 bit encryption. May I ask is there a plan for 1Password to adopt the more secured 256bit enc scheme and if so when and do the current user got a free upgrade?


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    Bigbang, welcome to the forum!

    I haven't heard of any plans to move to 256-bit encryption any time soon.

    Matters of pricing are (as they say in the Army) "above my pay grade". :)
  • LockerLocker
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    DBrown wrote:
    plans to move to 128-bit encryption

    You mean "...move to 256-bit..." ?!
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    Locker, good catch. Yep, that's what he meant ;) sorry about that.
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    Hi David,
    Thanks for the welcoming post and for your trouble of moving my post to the appropriate forum.
    Regarding the move to 256bit, I'd like to go on record to be one who's anxiously waiting for that to happen and would like to be on the notification list about its related news, if possible. Many thanks.
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