1password does not work while playing Dota 2!

I use 1password for IE. When Dota 2 application is minimized and I try using IE to fill password the Lock Menu in system tray does not display the website I visit. In fact it doesn't show the same menu as when the browser is open. Its showing the menu where the browser is closed. I think 1password is unable to find IEexplorer.exe as open while playing Dota 2.


  • Is the game running fullscreen before you minimise it?

  • Yea. Its a fullscreen Direct 9EX app.

  • Does it have an option to run in Windowed mode? If so, try it and tell whether 1Password is still having problems.

  • 1password works as intended in Window mode and Borderless Window mode. Only Fullscreen is causing the problem.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    edited October 2014

    Thanks for the suggestion, @RichardPayne, and for the confirmation, @meetajhu‌!

    I can only assume that something about the full-screen mode of Dota 2 (whatever that is) is blocking the necessary communication between the browser extension and the main program.

  • @DBrown but its a not a proper fix to play the game in Window mode. Fullscreen mode is the proper way for any game to be played because its a exclusive gpu mode where the desktop color profile gets applied properly when going fullscreen and also the game takes full advantage of the GPU so I get better framerate. You can get more info regarding this online. Also I forgot to mention - Dota 2's menu and game elements are mostly web UI. If you want to test the game its free on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/570/) . Thanks

  • @meetajhu‌ these days Window mode should be no slower than fullscreen. Driver support is much better and much more homogenus now. That said, I do agree that window mode is not an answer, but simply from an immersion point of view rather than anything technical.

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