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Shortly after upgrading 1Password to version 5.0.2 I went to post a comment following a news article through Discuss and Little Snitch suddenly flagged a connection request from 1Password mini to polar mobile, which appears to be some kind of social media advertising setup. Why would 1Password need a connection to this website? I've used 1Password on Discuss a thousand times and never had a request like this before updating last night.

For some weird reason, I can see this request has actually come through the copy of 1Password on my backup drive. Incidentally 5.0.2 is continually saying there is an update available and asking to install it, but the update is always the same version.


  • I've just restarted the computer and downloaded 5.0.2 from the Agile website instead of relying on the built in updater. Then when I tried starting 1Password for the first time it flagged up this message.

    It seems to be obsessed with the backup copy of 1Password on the external drive and now once again moments later I'm being told an update is available.

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    Add the clone drive to the Privacy setting in Spotlight in System Preferences and restart. This will stop the trying to launch from the clone drive. It will also prevent the Mac App Store from looking across the clone drive and suggesting updates. It will also stop the incorrect mini from launching and checking for updates for the wrong instance of 1Password.

    The connection is just one of many that resolve to the IP address address that 1Password is assigned by their instance on Amazon which does the rich icon support. What you are seeing is the hostname that happens to resolve to that IP, which is used my many other user in the Amazon instance not just 1Password.

    Im on my way out the door to work :( If you search for rich icons here in the forums. You will find several discussion. Also being early in the morning one of the other Mods may be able to point you in the correct direction for that specific posts by the staff. That discusses this.

  • @thightower I've never had this issue before with 1Password focusing on the backup version prior to installing 5.0.2 but I followed your instructions and removed that drive from Spotlight in the privacy settings before restarting. Later when I started 1Password started I had the same pop up window saying the system had launched the incorrect version of 1Password mini. I am not using the App Store version.

  • A second restart seemed to resolve that.

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    Hi @ashleyk,

    I'm so glad to hear that @thightower‌ was able to help you out ... although I'm sorry that it was a bit of a process.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, we're here for you! :)

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