1Password 5 disabled in OSX 10.9

csonnicsonni Junior Member

Just downloaded 5.0.2 and the App itself is still showing that it's disabled. Did the same thing in 5.0.1. It is stated that it works with Yosemite and later. Doesn't that mean anything before Yosemite? Or does version 5 lock out anything before Yosemite?


  • Hi @csonni‌

    I'm sorry for the trouble here. 1Password 5 was built to take advantage of some awesome new features in Yosemite, so unfortunately it will be unable to run in Mavericks. Is there a reason that you have chosen not to update your operating system?

    If you would like to continue using Mavericks, you can get a copy of 1Password 4 on our downloads page - just scroll to the bottom. :)

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