App Store vs. Web Store and upgrades?

I'm new to 1Password and considering moving to it from LastPass b/c the 1P iOS app is so much better. Question though about the difference between purchasing 1Password for Mac from the App Store vs. the AgileBits web store... Come upgrade time a year from now when 1P6 is released, does purchasing thru the App Store guarantee you free for life upgrades?


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @Jamie Phelps

    Thanks so much for considering 1Password to keep your digital life secure and organized - and for your kind words about the iOS app - we're so glad to hear that you like it!

    Currently, the main difference between the Mac App Store and the webstore version of 1Password is that the Mac App Store version is able to support iCloud sync. If iCloud sync is important to you, you should purchase from the Mac App Store.

    Other than that, we really don't have our future release schedule planned, so I can't say how (or when) the upgrade to 1Password 6 will happen. We do our best to ensure that users do not have to pay for frequent upgrades (for example, the upgrade from 1Password 4 to 1Password 5 was free for all 1Password 4 users) but there is no guarantee that Mac App Store users will never have to pay for an upgrade.

    Speaking of upgrades, when deciding where to purchase 1Password, it is important to note that we do have the ability to offer upgrade discounts to users who purchase directly from our webstore, while the Mac App Store doesn't allow any mechanism for that. Again, we don't yet know how future upgrades will look for 1Password users (we're still working through the excitement of this current launch!)

    I hope this helps, but we're here if you have any further questions or concerns! :)

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