Changing passwords across devices

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I’m sold on the idea of changing your passwords and keeping them up to date. But a recent “Keep in Sync” suggests a question.

Let’s suppose you want to change a password for, say, Facebook. It’s pretty easy: "Keep in Sync" tells it all.

Okay, your password for Facebook is randomized and up to date. Cool. But you also have to update the Facebook password on your MacBook and iPad. What’s the easiest way updating your password(s) on multiple devices?



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    Hi @pokkeus,

    1Password will sync your new Facebook password to all of your devices that have 1Password. When you use 1Password to fill in on the other devices, it will fill with the new password. You don't have to do anything more, once you change it, it's sync'ed to all devices.

    I suspect you might mean something else and if yes, can you give me more details or the typical workflow you're doing with 1Password.

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