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brent.sbrent.s Junior Member
Now that you're covering so many platforms, there's a *super*-useful functionality that I know my company would love. If my IT support team all had access to a shared .agilekeychain it would save us a LOT of duplicated work wrt logins. Maybe just the ability to open more than one keychain in the app would be enough. We would keep it on a dropbox or something to that effect. Has this been entertained before?


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Hey Brent,

    This suggestions has certainly come up at least a few times before. :-) Thanks for letting us know if would be useful to you as well. I know a number of us here at Agile would make heavy use of such a feature. In the meantime, please consider exporting shared passwords as 1Password Interchange Files for manual import into another user's data file. I absolutely know it isn't the same, but I have found that the data I share rarely gets updated. Your mileage may vary, but, in any event, importing/exporting is much less of a pain than manually typing it all in again or copying and pasting from an (insecure) e-mail. :-)

    I hope that helps a bit while we consider this for a future release!
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