No auto update of password on the Chrome extension?

I just encountered this problem. I'm using the chrome browser and was just updating one of my accounts with a new generated password. Here's the problem. The site needs me to input the previous password as well. So what I did was I loaded up the 1Password extension and copied the old password first, then proceeded to generate a new password and used the extension to autofill the new password into the password input fields. After which the extension dialog box closed. Now, what I did then is to paste the copied old password into the old password field and move on, which works fine.

Here's the problem. I didn't get a prompt to update the password, NOR is there any history of the generated password. See the problem? I now do not know what the new password is and there's no way I can retrieve it anywhere. Thankfully, the 1Password app itself does have a history of all the generated passwords. PHEW!

Is there something i'm missing or the Chrome extension does need some level of manual work? I didn't remember encountering this type of issue when using Safari.

BTW, I'm using a Snow Leopard MBP.


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    Welcome to the forums, Ken. The Chrome extension does not yet support Updating passwords in the manner that the our other extensions do (Safari, Firefox, etc.). As you mention, the passwords created by the built-in Strong Password Generator are always stored in the Generated Passwords section (Preferences > General > Display in Sidebar > Generated Passwords) and will need to be manually updated when using the Chrome extension at this time. We are working to improve this in a future release.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

    Best wishes to you this and every season,
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