Single Use, Disposable Email Address Generation


I was wondering if you had considered integrating single use disposable email address generation into 1Password? This would seem to compliment the in-built password generation well, and help everyone better control their security and particularly spam email received. Ideally it would allow you to generate a new email for a given site using a single click, record the details against that site in 1Password, and allow the user to disable/dispose of that email with another click should they start receiving unwanted emails on that address. Any emails to the disposable address would be forwarded to your nominated normal email address unless you disposed of that address. You could even (opt-in) mine that data so that if a user went to a site, you could warn them if that site was known to send spam or share their information with others (e.g. have a user optionally nominate a reason for disposing of an email address).

Seems like a natural fit for 1Password, and would certainly make using such facilities much easier.

Cheers (and thanks for the great product!)



  • Generating a email address is trivial, but how do you expect 1Password to automatically generate an matching account?

    The only way I could of would be for Agilebits to run it's own mail server for customer use. That places a whole load of data protection liability on them. Right now, Agilebits knows nothing about our use of their software and many user like it that way.

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