Dropbox sync erased my passwords

I added a second device, it wouldn't sync and pull the passwords from my windows version, and then when I entered test info it erased all the info I had entered in 1password for windows, synced via dropbox. Please tell me all those hours spent entering info aren't lost!


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    By "erased all the info" do you mean that there are no Login items in 1Password for Android or that all the Login items are there but empty?

    Also, are the missing or empty items still in 1Password for Windows?

  • I am not sure exactly, nothing shows up in 1Password, and I can see that it says in backup that there is a restore option with my items, but when I click restore I can't seem to get it to show my items. I was trying to get it to sync across an android and windows platform over two devices. Neither the android or windows versions will allow me to restore to get it to show the info.

    Thank you!

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    The "restore" function allows you to select a backup file created either manually by you or automatically by 1Password. (See the user's guide for details of the backup and restore features.)

    Do you see your Logins and other items in 1Password for Windows?

  • Nothing shows in 1Password for windows. Basically once I set up the android one and tried to get it to have my info available it eliminated anything in either place. Do you by any chance know where the restore features are discussed in the user guide? I searched it for the word restore and am not finding it.

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    The Backup tab of 1Password preferences shows where your automatic backup files are stored.

    With that information, choose Backup > Restore 1Password vault from backup, locate your backup files, and select the most recent one. If that doesn't contain your information, choose the next most recent, and so on, until you restore your Logins and other saved items.

    While you're in the preferences, what's the path to the 1Password vault, shown on the General tab?

    Is it the same as the path to your 1Password data on the Android device?

  • Okay - thank you for clarifying. That helped find the backup files.

    Let walk through what I am seeing now:

    • For the Android device backup - those are located in the dropbox path. I can restore to those whenever I need.
    • The file indicates there are 21 items but when restored, only two appear.

    • For the Windows backup's - these are found

    • Backup's from 11/9 (2 items) can be found and when opened in restore - displays the two items
    • Backup's from 11/17 to now (containing 17 items) are visible in the same directory but when I click restore - no items appear

    The large number of items entered between 11/9 and 11/17 are credit card and other similar sensitive entities. Also the most time consuming to create. So really unclear if I am able to get restore to actually work and keep my data safe (and retrievable).


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    OK, it sounds like you're mostly back up and running, now, so I'm going to move your post to the 1Password for Android forum, where it'll get the attention of folks who are familiar with that product.

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    Hi Ariel,

    I'll try to take over from where David left off. It looks to me like you are trying to sync between 1Password on your Windows machine and 1Password on your Android device. Could you confirm a few details for me?

    1. Which versions of 1Password are you using on your Windows and Android devices?
    2. How many items are visible in your vault when you view it in 1Password for Windows? Note that the number of items visible does not correspond directly to the number of files in your 1Password.agilekeychain.
    3. Do any items show when you click on Trash in 1Password for Windows?
    4. How many items are currently visible in your vault when you view it in 1Password for Android?

    Hopefully the answers to those first few questions will give us a good place to start in getting sync working again for you.


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