Syncing folders from main app?

It seems that the "Folders" on the Android version are local folders unique to the Android device. It'd be great if you can sync the folders/smart folders from the main 1Password app to Android.


  • In my case, the folders i have created in the main app are present in the Android app, not the smart folders though (not that i really care).

  • mverdemverde

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    @J.M is correct that regular folder, but not smart folders, should sync between 1Password on your desktop and 1Password on your Android device. If you are using regular folders and they still aren't syncing, could you send us diagnostic report by going to 1Password > Settings > Advanced > Email diagnostics. Before tapping to send the email, could you also paste in the URL for this thread - - so that we can follow up? Thanks!

  • I was referring to Smart Folders, since that's the only type of folders that I use.

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @Sinsear,

    Smart folders are not currently supported in 1Password for Android. We'll consider it for the future. Thanks for the feedback!

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