I downloaded to newer version and now need to input Key again?

I was at the apple store and they suggested that I upgrade 1password to newer version. Now i'm getting trial time has expired? I sent for my License and they sent it to me and I can not figure out how to reinstate it? I'm not very computer savvy and need a walk through on what to do?Can someone help? Also getting trial exp up on the web browser?


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    Firstly what version where you running prior to the update ?

    Also Trial exiped notice

  • ha
    ve no idea? I was at the apple store and the one to one guy at my appointment said they have a newer version so he simple loaded it. Now I think it was a temporary version? How would I even go back?

  • I hope I do not have to pay now to upgrade on all my devices? They only sent me One Key but I have it on my phone also and iPad?

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    Hi @jodinolen,

    I looked up your email address in our system, and I only see a license for 1Password 3. A version 3 license key cannot be used to license 1Password 5. If you only own a version 3 license, you will need to upgrade if you wish to use version 5.

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