License not allowing multiple vaults

I now have a 2nd Mac. I installed 1Password on it and applied my license. On my 1st Mac I can switch between multiple vaults, on my 2nd mac, with the same license I can not.

What am I missing?



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    There are not any restrictions for allowing nor disallowing multiple vaults.

    Lets see, how are you syncing is the first basic question ?

    iCloud is limited to a single vault.

    Dropbox will allow you multiple vaults.

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    Hi @TomJW,

    If you're only seeing one vault on your second Mac, is it possible that you haven't set up sync for your secondary vault? Each vault does have separate sync settings, so you'll need to go into Preferences > Sync while viewing the secondary vault and set up Dropbox sync there.

  • Both are synced through Dropbox. It works fine between my first 1 Mac and opening both vaults from my Windows box. Now that I added a 2nd Mac I can't switch to a second vault. My dropbox is synced to my 2nd Mac. The button to switch to another vault is disabled if you don't have a full license as far as I read the documentation, but I do have that as I use the same license already across my other machines.

  • Hi @TomJW‌

    When you set up the second machine I'm assuming you did something along the lines of this guide, Getting started again on a new computer. It asked if you were an existing user and you pointed it to your Dropbox.

    Telling 1Password about an existing secondary vault is really different. What you need to do is find the secondary vault's agilekeychain in Dropbox and then double click on it. 1Password will ask you for the password for your secondary vault, import it and set it to sync automatically. If you haven't done that then 1Password won't know about the secondary vault. If you haven't done this the secondary vault isn't automatically added.

    Of all our versions of 1Password, to the best of my knowledge the only one that has any restrictions in terms of secondary vaults is 1Password for iOS. The free version will only let you sync the primary, if you want to access secondary vaults on your iOS device you need to make the In-App Purchase.

    If things still aren't working do let us know.

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    iOS is the only one with limitations on syncing secondary vaults.

    I cant speak for Win or Droid, as I dont use them.

  • Double clicking the secondary key file worked. Thx for the help. Although I have to say I find that kind of a strange way. I should be able to simply say something like "Add Another Existing Vault" if the user (like me) does have the license for it.

    Again, thx for helping out!

  • Hi @TomJW,

    Thanks so much for the feedback here. I'm glad to hear that @littlebobbytables‌ was able to help get you sorted out. I'll let our developers know that we could make this process a bit more clear. :)

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