CMD + \ usability bug in 1Password 5 for Mac

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OS: Yosemite

1Password: 5.0.2


  • At a website I wish to auto enter 1Password login .
  • Mouse in somewhere in center of browser
  • Hit CMD +\
  • 1Password mini window pops up
  • Entry under the mouse cursor is selected, regardless of "appropriateness" i.e.

Specific Scenario:

  • at amazon log in page
  • hit cmd + \
  • mouse cursor happens to be hovering over "Credit Cards"
  • Credit Cards is now selected and expanded
  • must either move cursor up to actual most appropriate entry (top amazon login) or use mouse.
  • DESIRED BEHAVIOR: Top entry should be selected and ignore mouse cursor without a click. this allows CMD + \ followed by "Enter"

BTW, I love 1Password and recommend it to everyone. I'm not sure if this was always the behavior and just didn't crop up since the mini popup was at the menu bar (I also preferred that from a UX perspective. I'm just writing this post since it gets in the way of the usually pretty transparent use of this great app.



  • JasperJasper

    Team Member

    Hi @jrey,

    Thanks for mentioning this! It has already been improved in the version 5.1 beta — 1Password mini ignores your mouse position when it is invoked. If you still run into any problems with this after version 5.1 is released, let us know. :)

    ref: OPM-2169

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