Time machine helping to find back data from the vault ?

Hi dear Ninjas, Gurus, and Masters,
Here is my question. I have reinstalled the OS on my wife's MacBook Air. A clean install, from scratch. we both use 1 PAssword (MAS version) and stupid from me, I assumed her own 1Password vault was synchronized on Dropbox (like mine). It was not. Now that I reinstall 1PAssord, I realize there is no way to reaccess her passwords. Except that I have a TimeMachine backup of all her machine and that I can access almost everything, so is there any way to get back to a file from which I could restaure her vault on the new reinstalled version of 1Password.
Thanks a lot, in advance, she is charming and I love her, but if I have lost all her passwords, I am going to be in trouble, so really thank you,
Big, really big, Bong


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