Fatal error since upgrading

My version of 1Password for Mac crashes upon loading since updating to latest version with the following error message:

Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000

Application Specific Information:
dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries

Dyld Error Message:
Library not loaded: @loader_path/Frameworks/CrashReporter.framework/Versions/A/CrashReporter
Referenced from: /Applications/1Password 5.app/Contents/Frameworks/HockeySDK.framework/Versions/A/HockeySDK
Reason: image not found

I have a retina macbook pro with Yosemite

Can you help me get this working again?



  • The usual solution for this sort of problem is this:

    1. drag the app to the trash (don't use any app cleaning tool because it will probably try to remove files that you want to retain);
    2. empty the trash and reboot;
    3. re-download and re-install.


  • Hi @Jamie Bristow‌ Stephen_C's advice should have sorted you out, hopefully you're up and running now. If not do please let us know.

  • Sorted. Thanks so much, gents

  • JasperJasper

    Team Member

    On behalf of littlebobbytables and Stephen, you're welcome. Please let us know if you have any other questions! :)

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