Purchased Family License, and now I can't find out how to use it - anyone can help?

I purchased a family license for iPassword for Mac, and am currently using v.5.0.2. This purchase was good for five licenses.
However, I can't find anything on the website on how to set up a family license. What I want to do is to be able to synch with my partner's 1Password on his computer. First I want his version to synch with mine (and get all my info), but then want to make sure that these two (on two separate macs) synch correctly. Can anyone kindly help and explain step by step on how to do this, or direct me to a page on their help that explains it? I can't seem to find it anywhere....there's info on synching with iOS devices but no way, for example to synch two macs with a family license over wifi..... please help, with much thanks to those who answer this!


  • Hi @Tom Garretson

    So a licence and syncing are very different things.

    Your licence is about what where you can install 1Password and who can use it. So a Mac family licence (now obsolete for new purchases) allows you to install 1Password on as many Macs as you or your family members own (I can't remember if there is a maximum number of family members).

    To licence each copy of 1Password in your household you simply use the same licence file each time.

    Now syncing is a different kettle of fish. That's when you want to keep two or more instances of 1Password synchronised with each other. There are many routes and limitations depending on which route you want to pick.

    What I can say is if the goal is to synchronise two Macs you won't be able to do that via Wi-Fi Sync, that is just for between a Mac and an iOS device - sorry.

    Your best option in terms of ease is probably Dropbox. If that's something you're willing to consider then then next question is, are you wanting to have a single vault between the two of you?

    There are two options that are commonly seen now that we have secondary vaults.

    1. A couple share a single primary vault and it contains all entries for both of you. For sites where you have your own login details you'd have two entries and then maybe whose is whose in brackets e.g. Amazon (Tom) & Amazon (Tom's partner)
    2. You each have your own primary vaults for your own items and you share a single secondary vault for common logins.

    What guide we'd point you to would be very dependent on which you think better fits your use. Let us know and we can help you get syncing going.

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