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I have found myself accidentally buying 18 copies of a piece of software. I used 1Password to fill a form out for me and when it auto submitted it changed the quantity without me realising. I had contacted the developer who has apparently had a series of people suffer the same, so I thought I'd note it here.
The form that troubled me is the one after you decide to purchase here:

I ended up with 18 of them! Quite a surprise. I hope you can find the issue, not least for the developer's sake!


  • The same happened to me when I ordered PopChar on When I filled the form using 1Password it changed the quantity from 1 copy to 20! Fortunately the staff of Ergonis replied within 5 minutes assuming that I had used 1Passwort....

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    Hi @jkbayley‌ and @Advokat‌,

    Whoa. I'm really sorry to hear this happened to you both (and others too, for that matter). I've filed a bug here (OPX-685) so that one of our browser extension developers can take a look at this to determine what's going on. Hopefully we can get this fixed up.


    __ref__: OPX-685

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