Changing master password and re-encyption of 1P data on IOS

Hi everyone, I stumbled upon the thread below from the '1P Mac forum' which details an involved procedure for updating your 1P 'master password' and ensuring that all previous references to the old data and associated Keychain is removed from your device/iCloud so as to not compromise your data security after the update:-

Based upon the above then; how does this process work on the IOS platform only?

That is; if say like me you are using the free version (currently) of 1P5 on on the iPhone 4s 'exclusively' (i.e. no other 1P licences running on any other platform) and you wish to change your master password in future?

Is it much simpler on IOS or does it require access to a workstation and additional associated licence etc?

Any clarification, help or advice on this matter is much appreciated! :)


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    Hi @ElectricWombat‌

    The re-encryption process that is described in that post does require 1Password on a computer. This is, however, above and beyond normal operations (i.e. It isn't standard practice).

  • Hi @bwoodruff‌

    thanks for your speedy reply which is very much appreciated! Yes it definitely seems rather involved (there were several gulps when reading though it) ha ha!

    The thing is I tried to pick a strong password when I started using 1P recently; but since I joined the forum I've learned heaps about cryptography and the nature of attacks etc, and I think I can still improve it further consequently.

    However from what I learned from the aforementioned thread, simply changing the 'master password' doesn't 're-encrypt' the data per-se; as the 'key chain' persists from the original install, so it's still possible to decrypt the new password data with the old master password (i.e. provided the attacker has access to your data etc).

    It made my head spin at first, but it makes perfect sense now! As such thanks for clarifying this for me. I think when I'm feeling brave(r) I'll hijack my best friends iMac and have a go at carrying out said procedure. But that thread made for some really interesting reading regardless!

    Many thanks for your reply anyway :)

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    Great! Please do let us know how it turns out if you decide to give it a try. Obviously proper backups are in order first. :)

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