Bought on iPhone and switched to Android: now what?

So, I bought the app when I used my iPhone (for 4 years, but used the app for the last 1 and a half) and last friday I got my first Android.

My question is, I have to buy it again (unlock the premium features) even having bought it on the iphone? If not, how do I "migrate" the privileges? If i have to re-buy it, then well...


  • It's licensed per platform so i bet you're going to have to buy it again i'm afraid. That would be insanely difficult to transfer the privileges from one platform to another because :

    • On iOS, the purchase is tied to your Apple account
    • On Android it's tied to your Google account which, if we simplify this a lot, is your gmail address.

    That's why switching from one mobile OS to another is a bit of a pain in general (not only for 1Password).

    This is only my personal view on this though.

  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Hey Gabriel! As J.M pointed out, we are not able to bundle the premium features on Android with the iOS version of 1Password. :( It's very difficult for us to bundle these purchases because they are tied to your Apple and Google accounts. We also charge per platform to keep costs down. That way, our customers can pay just for the versions that they need instead of paying more for a universal license.

    I hope that helps. Let us know if there are any questions.

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