In the versions (before the current and the last previous version) it was possible to close 1P for a while (also for days) and it was possible to login again only with the PIN code. The only important thing was not to close 1P in the background process. Only when I closed 1P also from the background process, then it was necessary to login with the master password.

Now with the current version (and also with latest version before): If I start 1P from the background process again, I see often (but not always) only the German message "Beenden" what means "Closing" and the window is closing in the next moment. I have to start 1P again and input my master password.

I like more the way of 1Password for iPad. There I have one time the possibility to insert the PIN code. I think one time is really often enough! If it is wrong I have to imput the master password again. The really big plus of the iPad version: I can input the PIN code also if I closed 1P from the background process. I think this is very comfortable.


  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Hey @Philipp‌. I'm sorry to hear 1Password on your Android device is closing from the background. A small number of our users have also reported experiencing similar behaviours and our developers are looking into this. If you are able to, could you confirm if you are seeing the same issue after disabling Automatic Date & Time in your device Settings > Date & Time?

  • Hi @saad‌ I think you are right. If I disable this option then I could not reconstruct this bug.

  • Hi @saad‌ - My answer was to fast - Also when the Automatic Date & Time is deactivated I get this error sometimes.

  • periperi

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    Hi @Philipp‌

    Thanks for the update! The bug you're experiencing has been fixed in our latest beta version and we're hoping to release it in a stable update very soon. Keep your eye out for the next update. :)

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