Syncing between iPad and iPhone 4 without using Windows

This is driving me insane. I have 1Password Pro for the iPad and iPhone. I put all my passwords in on the iPad and just want to sync them over to my iPhone4 but it wont let me use Dropbox because I dont have the Windows version. Surely I dont have to have all three right? I tried doing it over Wifi with some directions I found somewhere that told me to change the master password on the iPad version to a 4 digit code so I could type that code in while syncing on the iPhone but it wont take my password change. I change it on my iPad, close it out, then open it right back up and it doesnt use the new 4 digit number, it keeps the previous password. Any help?


  • Ok, I think I figured it out... its very convoluted but it works haha. Not really syncing, more like a forced restore that I guess I will have to do everytime... is there no "real" way to sync between the two without using a desktop?
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    Welcome to the forums, Jaybee1200. My sincere apologies for the very delayed response. We are super busy lately and much of our team is at Macworld now.

    Dropbox syncing setup does require 1Password for Mac or Windows and Dropbox on the same machine. That said, you only need Dropbox and 1Password installed on your desktop computer for the initial setup. You can use the free trial of 1Password and the Dropbox application is always free. Afterwards, you can uninstall both from your desktop computer if you wish.

    We think you will like syncing with your desktop computer enough to purchase a license, but you are under no obligation. :-)

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.
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