How can I sync between the MAC and the Android Version (folder sync)?

How can I sync between the MAC and the Android Version (folder sync)?
What do i have to do on MAC, and what on Android? Where are the folders?
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  • periperi

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    Hi @msausele‌

    Unfortunately there is no folder sync option for 1Password 4 for Android. If you would like to sync your 1Password vault between your Mac and Android, you will need to use Dropbox. We have some pretty nifty guides to walk you through setting up Dropbox sync:



    Please let us know if you have any further questions! Thanks! :)

  • Thank you Peri
    For me 1Password in now dead.
    Since when are you working for Condoleezza Rice?

  • Wow! I'm trying to do the same and can't believe this isn't possible. I simply copied my vault from my Mac over to my Android device but when prompted for the master password using local sync, the Android fails to open it.

    Secondly, I agree with @msausele. DropBox is not an option. It was already hacked once this year and they do not offer the ability for users to supply their own private key. Having a password vault in the cloud for which I can't control the key is an absurd requirement to impose on users. I'll continue to use 1Password for Mac and iOS, but will be deleting the Android version as it's completely useless to me until a more secure syncing mechanism is available.

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    @msausele‌ and @steveoo I apologize for being definitive in my previous reply and I'd like to clarify. :)

    We have built-in support for Dropbox syncing with other devices. However, you're welcome to sync your .agilekeychain to local storage and then sync that with other devices using any sync solution you prefer. Some people are really successful using BitTorrent Sync on their Androids.

    With regards to setting up folder sync on a Mac, please check out the following guide:

    I hope I was able to explain that a little better than I previously had. That said, we're always open to suggestions and we appreciate hearing about what works well for you.

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    @peri can you not wifi sync between Mac and Android?


    It was already hacked once this year and they do not offer the ability for users to supply their own private key.

    Which is irrelevant for 1Password data. That data you store on Dropbox is already encrypted using keys derived from your master password. Since no one with access to your Dropbox data has your master password, they can not access your login data.


    Since when are you working for Condoleezza Rice?

    Don't be silly. 1Password was using Dropbox for a long time between Rice was appointed as a director, nor is she somehow the only and all powerful voice on the Dropbox board. Her appointment does not alter the safety of using Dropbox for 1Password data in any way.

  • LOL yes, and Cheney and Bush are nice people too. You should judge people by what they do.

  • periperi

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    @RichardPayne‌ Currently WiFi sync support is not built-in to 1Password 4 for Android, but is often requested. With that said, I've heard from customers who were able to sync to local storage and set up WiFi, USB, and Bluetooth sync with various other sync services.

  • LOL yes, and Cheney and Bush are nice people too. You should judge people by what they do.

    When did I say she was a nice person and what does her being a nice person have to do with you using Dropbox?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Lets not turn this into a political debate.

    RichardPayne is correct in that Rice's position at Dropbox has no impact on the security of 1Password data. Dropbox doesn't have your passwords. They have an encrypted blob, and the only way to turn that blob into your data is using your Master Password. Without that there is very little information that anyone can glean from your files. You can read more about the design of the Agile Keychain that is stored on Dropbox here:

    That isn't to say that we aren't investigating alternative / additional sync methods.

  • Well, I dont beleve you,

  • @msausele‌

    Finding the right password manager is very much a personal thing, like with most software. It might be 1Password isn't the best fit for you, especially given your doubts as to our honesty. I would ask this though, should you trust any password manager where you wouldn't be willing to place the encrypted files in Dropbox? If you can't trust the encryption enough that it never leaves your device should you trust it at all?

  • ben1265ben1265
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    I regularly copy the 1Password.Agilekeychain file from my Mac to my Android phone, and that usually does the job. It is tedious, though. The file structure is pretty strange, and sometimes the changes aren't reflected, so I have to do it again. Seems to me something that simple could be streamlined, so that
    1. The 1Password.Agilekeychain file location is a constant thing, not dependent on how the software was purchased, and
    2. There would be some way (other than trial and error) to know where to copy the file.
    IMHO, having to rely on a third party (Dropbox) is a bizarre way to approach the task of Synchronizing 1Password files across two platforms, regardless of how one feels about Dropbox. How about synchronizing once the phone and the mac are on the same wifi network? That would be far more er, controllable.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @ben1265: Currently, these are the sync solutions we support in 1Password for Android. But it is your data and you are certainly free to try others!

    Our concern is that we don't want to push our customers in the direction of a solution that has not been tested and proven reliable. I don't know about you, but next to having my private data compromised (and that risk is mitigated by 1Password's use of documented, industry-standard, time-tested cryptography) my chief concern is data loss. So we are cautious and deliberate when it comes to adding new data formats, sync options, and features; because all of this together has to be carefully considered, planned, executed, and tested to ensure that the trust that our customers (including my friends and family!) place in 1Password to keep their data safe -- from both theft and loss -- is not misplaced.

    That said, we are constantly evaluating alternative sync solutions (depending on support for various platforms, options can be limited), so we may add others in the future if there is enough interest and availability (SDKs, APIs, etc.) For instance, on Windows, OS X, and iOS, Apple's Bonjour support enables our cross-platform WiFi Sync, whereas this is not available on Android. But the future holds many possibilities. If you have any solid sync services in mind specifically, just let us know. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • I use SyncMate to sync contacts, calendar and the .agilekeychain file from my Mac to my Android phone. No cloud used. The new Wi-Fi sync does not accept my master password, but local folder sync does.

  • saadsaad

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    Sorry to hear your master password is not accepted over Wi-Fi sync. What device are you syncing with? Does your master password contain characters outside of US-ASCII character sets?

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