Launching a login for redirects to a Google search of my password entry!

Using Chrome, 1Password 4 for Windows. I briefly see the login page for but then it goes to a google search using my password as the search entry. Other sites have this sporadically. Any advice?



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    How the Login item for created?

    What steps do you take to use it?

    What version of Chrome are you using?

    What version of the 1Password extension is installed in Chrome?


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    This is happening to other sites as well. I imported 300+ logins (username,password,URL combinations (if I remember correclty)) from Password Depot to mirgrate to 1Password. To launch Lowe's for example I'll unlock my vault and double-click on my Lowe's login. The browser launches and sometimes I can see come up then it quickly goes to a Google search on my password. Hitting the Back key takes me back to the site where I can enter my login from the helper.

    Chrome Version 39.0.2171.95 m


    Thank you!

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    Just for others who might read this thread, the helper is different from the extensions.

    Please launch the main 1Password program, press Ctrl+P, select the Browsers tab, and click the Installed button next to Chrome.

    On the web page that appears, click the Enable betas option, and then click the Install button.

    Once the latest beta version of the extension is installed, please click OK to close the preferences window, and try the process again.

    Then let us know whether you have better results.

    Thanks, @shperkinsjr‌!

  • Ok thanks I did that. I'm not sure then how to check the version of the helper. I see the main program and the Extension in Chrome. I'll report back if the launch problem continues.Thank you!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    That's OK—the helper is always the same version as the main program, as they're distributed together, whereas the extensions are made available and installed separately.

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