2 problems: master password and blinking url

I have been using 1Password for the Mac for quite some time. I only recently started using 1Password for the iPad and while I love it, I have experienced some problems.

First, after performing the initial sync with my iPad, I changed the master unlock password for 1Password on my Mac. Despite several syncs between the two apps, the 1Password running on my iPad is still using the old master unlock password. Is this not a part of the data sent during a sync? How do I update the master unlock password for 1Password on my iPad?

The second problem I have noticed is that when selecting a login from 1Password on my iPad, after being redirected to the appropriate web page, the url bar in the browsers constantly blinks and contains the text "about:blank". The page seems to operate just fine, but the actual url of the site is not displayed, just "about:blank". Any idea of the cause of this?

These two errors are not preventing me from using the app, but they are rather annoying.


  • I am experiencing the flashing url and "about blank", also. In my case, it does not allow me to access the site. ALSO, I can not get the 1P icon to show on my browser window. Works great on iMac ... I hope for solutions, soon
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    Welcome to the forums, bestusername (it really is) and ButterBean! :-)

    Your master password is never synced between devices since some users prefer to use a shorter, less complicated password with the virtual keyboard in iOS. You can change your 1Password for iPad master password as needed (Settings > Security > Change Master Password).

    Please try restarting your device by holding down both the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears to resolve the "about:blank" issue.

    Let me know how it turns out!
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