WiFi sync no longer works

I am using the latest version of 1Password on my iMac as well as my iPhone and iPad, but when I attempt to sync, my iMac is no longer visible on the mobile devices. I used to have this issue intermittently, but it is now a constant issue. Any ideas?


  • I assume your Mac and iOS devices are on the same wifi network and that you're using 1P4 or 1P5 on all of them. If that is so try this:

    1. disable then re-enable wifi sync on all of the devices (including the Mac); and/or
    2. reboot all of the devices (including the Mac) and try again.


  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

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    You also may wish to give your router a restart. Try that, and please let us know.

    Also, when you have the issue, check to make sure you iOS devices are still connected to the WiFi network.

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