browser extension for IE 11 not detecting many website logins

Dear agilebits,

The browser extension for windows using IE 11 does not discover many standard logins. I.e. My bank (wells fargo), dropbox and paypal are all pretty standard logins used for daily activities. I have had to save each website site manually to be recognized in 1passwords. Is there a setting in my browser precluding auto discovery of logins for such generic sties?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    To make sure I understand, you've manually saved Login items for these sites, and you're looking for a way to prevent the 1Password extension from offering to save new ones for you,when you visit those sites' login pages. Is that correct?

    The fact that the extension is making that offer means that it doesn't recognize a match between a URL displayed in your browser and a URL saved in one of your Login items.

    That's why we always recommend creating Login items from within the browser extension, as described in the Quick Start section of the 1Password 4 for Windows user's guide.

    If you don't want to do that, there's a Never for This Site option in the dialog box that appears, offering to save a Login item.

  • Hi DBrown,

    Thank you for the response. Please allow me to clarify. If I browse to a website not in my 1password vault(there are many because the product is new to me), I would expect the first time visiting this website to be prompted to add the login information. For the previously mentioned websites, I was not asked to save information to 1password and had to manually save the login information manually as outlined in your online forums. It could be a coincidence that 4 out of 5 websites have not worked but I am verifying there isn't the possibility of a configuration issue. In addition, if there are other browsers with a more predictable or robust extension (firefox, chrome or safari), please let me know.

    I hope that helps clarify.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for the follow-up!

    It would be very helpful to install the latest extension for Chrome, for example, so you can let us know whether it prompts you to save a Login at those sites. Of course, it won't do that at any site for which you already have a Login saved, unless you enter a different password, but you could try it at the next few sites, if you're willing. Perhaps you could also let us know a few URLs at which you're seeing the behavior, so we can take a look, too.


  • Hello,

    Installing Chrome and the extension have worked around the issues with IE 11. The same site that was giving me issues, prompted me to save the login after the fist site visit. This is great news. However, i wasn't planning to use Chrome on my Windows 8.1 system specifically, so now i'm faced with using two browsers. In addition, noticed there was a configuration guide for IE that I have not had time to implement.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    IE poses quite a few restrictions, and we do all we can to work around them wherever possible.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the need to use another browser at such sites. (I can relate—there have been times when I had to use IE to visit certain Microsoft-powered sites, whereas I normally prefer Chrome or Safari, depending on the operating system.)

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