Moving/rebuilding Windows 7 machine

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I am going to have to reformat and reinstall WIN7 on my laptop and would like to save all my log-ins and passwords in 1PASS. Is there a way to save that to a thumb drive to I can reload it when I'm done with the rebuild?


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    Dropbox is a far easier solution, but you can achieve the desired result by copying the entire .agilekeychain folder to a removable drive and then copying it to the rebuilt machine when it's ready.

    Before reformatting, launch 1Password, press Ctrl+P, choose the General tab, and carefully note the full path and filename of your 1Password vault. (Do the same for any other vaults, if you're using more than one.)

    When you've copied the .agilekeychain folder(s) to the rebuilt machine, reinstall 1Password on it, launch 1Password, and show 1Password where to find the folders.

  • Excellent...thanks!

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    We're always glad to help, @saulhill‌. Thank you for using 1Password!

  • Thanks again but, unfortunately, the machine died before I could copy. I have found some files that our IT guy salvaged and need some help in determining the best solution. The program - ONE - launches but won't accept my code and I don't know where I should put that folder/file for your great program to try and find it.

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    If you have a complete vault (such as 1Password.agilekeychain), you should be able to open it in 1Password for Windows (File > Open 1Password Vault).

    If you have a 1Password backup file (such as
    1Password 2015-01-08 111627 (460 items).agilekeychain_zip), you should be able to restore from it (Backup > Restore 1Password Vault From Backup).

    I'm not sure what you mean by "won't accept my code." If you mean 1Password isn't recognizing your master password, it's because the master password is only recorded in the vault that it opens. (Anything else would be a security hazard.) Once you open the .agilekeychain folder or restore from the agilekeychain_zip backup file, it should accept the master password you used with it before.

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