1Password4 doesn't recognize password vault anymore from Dropbox

Just recently 1Password (ver 4) stopped working on all my machines. I have my password vault stored on dropbox and the files are there, however now when I launch 1password it shows the startup screen asking if I am a new user or existing user. When I select existing user and browse to my dropbox folder with the password vault it just gives an error:

"d:\Users\myusername\Documents\My Dropbox\1password\1password.agilekeychain" is not a 1Password Vault. Dropbox is probably busy syncing your 1password Vault. Please wait."

Dropbox is NOT syncing and is fully synced. Not sure what is going on here. Hope you can help because I can't use anything on any of my computers.



  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    That is unusual, Gurumustuk.

    Are all the machines with your Dropbox-synced 1Password data PCs, or do you have a Mac or iOS device with 1Password installed and syncing?

    Can you browse to your private dropbox.com web site? If so, can you locate the .agilekeychain folder and open the 1Password.html file within it? If you can, does your data appear to be complete in that view?

  • svondutchsvondutch

    Team Member

    Please repair your 1Password data here: File > Repair 1Password Vault

    If this doesn't work, then I'm afraid you'll have to restore your most recent backup.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    ...restore your most recent backup.

    ...or, if any of your Dropbox-synced data is also used on a Mac or iOS device, you can recreate the .agilekeychain folder there, which may be more recent than your latest backup on the PC.

    Just let us know if that's the case, @Gurumstuk, and we'll provide instructions.

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