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Pro features were working fine between Mac-iPad-iphone 4S. Upgraded to iPhone 6 and pro features won't open on new iPhone. All devices signed into icloud with a address. Using iCloud synch. Tried deleting 1password several times and reinstalled directly to device. Not sure but I think pro features were purchased with 1password 4 installed and and 1password 5 upgrade went smoothly. Running Yosimite and latest IOS updates.



  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @jron10,

    Welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Pro Features.

    We didn't have a separate "Pro Features" purchase in previous versions. Starting with 1Password 5 for iOS, it's a free app with free basic features, and the Pro Features are available for an in-app purchase. Did you previously purchase 1Password 4 for iOS? If so, the Pro Features are free for you and should be automatically unlocked (or you may need to go to 1Password > Settings > Pro Features, and tap Restore Purchases).

    On the other hand, if you never purchased 1Password 4 for iOS, you would need to purchase the Pro Features in version 5 (or use the core features for free). We have more information in our Pro Features FAQ.

    If you're still having trouble, can you please confirm which version of 1Password for iOS you previously purchased from the App Store? Thanks! :)

  • Have not traced when pro was exactly purchased yet. But to me it is obvious that I did since it is working on my iPad and did work on my iphone.

    I have gone to settings and tried to open pro features and "recovery box" just goes dim.


  • Problem may be fact that IOS version 4 was purchased with my other Apple ID. Ugh. Now what?


  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    Can you log in under that old Apple ID long enough to download the update? That should get you back in business.

    But you'll face the same issue whenever there is an update. Depends on your tolerance for that kind of stuff, but if I were you, I'd bite the bullet and buy the Pro features and move on. The extra $10 would be worth it to me. YMMV, though.

    Apple should find a way to allow folks to merge Apple IDs!

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    @hawkmoth, ++ Being able to merge Apple IDs would certainly help in a lot of situations like this!

    @jron10, just to reiterate: In order for 1Password 5 to detect that you bought 1Password 4 for iOS, you need to be signed into the App Store with the same Apple ID you used to make that purchase. You can do that from the Settings app > iTunes & App Store.

    After switching to the Apple ID associated with that purchase, try restoring Pro Features again. If it still doesn't work, double-click the Home button and swipe up on 1Password to close it, then restart your iPhone (hold down the power button for a few seconds and "slide to power off", then turn it back on again). After the restart, try again to restore Pro Features.

    Please let us know if that helps, thanks!

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