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(how) Can I import my contacts in 1 Password


  • MrCMrC Community Moderator
    edited December 2014

    Hi @Piet,

    You mention contacts. Does your SplashID also contain other important data that you would like imported into 1Password? I ask, because contacts are a bit peculiar to place into a password manager.

    There are several ways to import your data.

    1Password has a built-in SplashID converter / importer (this is an older guide). Some have used it successfully, and yet some others have had some difficultly.

    If you have issues with the built-in converter, or want to get better categorization of your SplashID categories, I have created a converter just for you. :smile: Note: you may want to use the version in the _testing folder under the AgileBits Utilities, as I've made a recent change to the SplashID converter. I'll help you out if necessary in the linked forum thread above.

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