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I've read about the IOS8 supported apps (
What are the supported apps on Android?

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  • J.MJ.M
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    Hello k4ch0,

    there's no list at the moment i guess, the new version of 1Password with app filling is still in beta for lollipop users and the app filling is not really functional at the moment (see Android beta threads).

  • periperi

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    Hi @k4ch0‌

    1Password 4 for Android's in-app filling feature isn't designed to work the same way as it does on iOS. For iOS we use an App Extension API that 3rd party developers use in their apps to integrate with 1Password. However, with Lollipop that API isn't necessary because Lollipop allows us to set the text in login fields to the specified login credentials.

    Therefore, 1Password 4 for Android should be able to autofill into most apps, the exception being that we are currently unable to fill credentials into embedded WebViews. We have noticed during testing that autofilling doesn't always work on every app, so instead of tracking which apps autofilling is working with, we're keeping track of apps that don't work with in-app filling.

    I hope that clarifies things a bit! Please let us know if you have any further questions. :)

  • Thanks for the answer @peri and @J.M!

    I'll be waiting for lollipop and the 1Password update!

  • periperi

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    No problem @k4ch0‌ :) I'm glad to help!

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