Keyboard shortcuts and Japanese keyboards

There are two issues with this.

1) The pref pane doesn't show the shortcut selected. For example, if I choose [email protected] for "Show 1Password mini", the pref pane displays cmd-shift-Å. Weird.

2) Despite this particular shortcut setting, and although it does work, hitting cmd-shift-+, which is the shortcut for zooming in when you have a Japanese keyboard, /also/ brings up 1Password mini. This particular bug is the one that kills me.


  • Hi @DEGoodmanWilson‌

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I apologize that you're running into this bug. Our developers are already investigating this, and I'll mention to them that you would be keen to see a fix just as soon as possible. I know that @rickfillion‌ has done some work with this bug, so I'll see if he has any further light to shed here.

    ref: OPM-1300

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    Hi @DEGoodmanWilson‌,

    As @Megan mentioned, we have a bug filed about this (OPM-1300). Keyboard shortcuts + system/keyboard localizations is quite tough to do right. We want to do better here though. Hopefully we manage to do so.

    If you hit anything else, please do let us know. :smile:


  • Thanks for the prompt reply. Rick, I totally understand—I did the international keyboard support for Screenhero, so I know well your pain ;) Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

  • Hi @DEGoodmanWilson‌

    Thanks so much for your understanding! :)

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    With my Japanese Apple Wireless Keyboard, this does not happen. Everything works exactly as it should. This /only/ happen on my Japanese MacBook. Interesting!

  • Hi @DEGoodmanWilson‌

    Just to clarify (sorry, zero experience of non-UK keyboards here) both keyboards are the exact same layout but the wireless one works as you would expect, just not the built-in one?

  • Hi @littlebobbytables‌ ! Yes that is exactly right. So perplexing.

  • @DEGoodmanWilson‌

    Given how odd that is would you object at all if a dev were email you? I'm not saying they will need to but I'm wondering if communicating with you might give some invaluable insights into what is happening. If you don't mind I'll add that to the bug report using the email address you use here in the forums.

    If you don't want to that's obviously fine as well - you're certainly not obliged :smile:

  • I would be more than happy to work with one of your devs on this.

  • Thank you :smile:

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