Able to open bank account without 1Password intervention

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I have entered 1/2 of my important secured websites into my 1PASSWORD. I started with the most important ones for me to secure, like my bank account. Yesterday I went to Safari directly and was ABLE TO OPEN MY BANK ACCOUNT WITHOUT OPENING MY 1PASSWORD application which it is a nightmare to say the least! How can that be? This is the most basic breach of trust with a customer like myself. I wish I could talk to somebody at the company as my bank account is at risk. I just tested it again at 7::2pm Pacific Time Tueday December 30, 2014 with the same result. I do log off after entering any of my websites or OnLine Banking logins through 1PASSWORD!


  • Do you have the Apple keychain activated? Perhaps you agreed in the past to allow Safari to save your credentials. Safari would then be automatically filling in your credentials and logging you in. 1Password doesn't fill in care tails without user action, so that's what your experience sounds like to me.

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    I think perhaps there is a misunderstanding here about what 1Password does and does not do for you... ?

    1Password does not prevent you from logging into your accounts without using it. You can still login without 1Password. One of the primary goals of 1Password is to enable you to use strong unique passwords for each account without having to remember them, but it doesn't lock you out if you do.

  • I agree with your comment that I may have different expectations as I am new to the usage of this App, but when I went to Safari directlly, my Usersord and Login Code WHERE ALREADY POPULATED! So I did not need to enter anything. If I were to have my phone stolen, my only protection seems to be my phone's lock code or my ability to delete all the data remotely.

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    Hi @joema9010‌

    In that case it is likely the case that @hawkmoth described above. You likely have Apple's Keychain / iCloud Keychain activated and saving passwords for you. You can read more about that here:

    (see "How do I view the passwords stored in my iCloud Keychain?")


  • Thank You guys, you are awesome in every way.
    How quickly you respond even on a holiday.
    How you try hard to see throug my stupidity and
    not exactly the best descriptions of my problem.
    Thanks again and Happy New Yeat!
    I think I have enough info to take it from here....I hope anyway!

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    On behalf of @hawkmoth and @bwoodruff, you're very welcome! I'm happy to hear their advice was helpful. If you do have more questions, we're always glad to help. Happy New Year to you too! :smiley:

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