1Password stopped working in browsers

1Password stopped working in Chrome, Firefox and icon isn't viewable in IE 11. When I click on the icon in Chrome or Firefox nothing happens.. When I register at new sites 1Password doesn't auto save. I am running the latest version 4.



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    @denniswa, have you tried restarting the helper, disabling code signature verification, or any of the other tips in the Troubleshooting > The browser extensions article in the 1Password 4 for Windows knowledgebase?

  • denniswadenniswa
    edited January 2015

    I should have included the steps I took to correct the problem.

    removed the extension of each browser then re-installing the extensions

    Re-start the helper

    unchecked the verify browser code signature then restarted the helper

    checked the verify browser code signature then restarted the helper.

    The other failures in the troubleshooting steps didn't seem to apply to the type of problem I am experiencing.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for the follow-up, Dennis.

    Did you try the 1Password extension after each of those steps?

    Also, are you running any antivirus or similar software or browser plug-in?

  • I didn't think to try the extensions afterwards. I do use Malwarebytes and the Windows embedded firewall. A few minutes ago I upgraded to the latest version of Chrome and that seems to have resolved my problem. Even Firefox is working now. I will use the knowledge base to figure out how to add the icon to IE.

    Thank you for the assistance.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    That sounds like good news, Dennis. Thanks for letting us know!

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