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Today I have to delve me again with 1Password and there a few things I have noticed, or I do not get this to operate. See the overview in the forum to keep I'll open multiple threads.

how can I use tags comfortable? An example, I write the first letter ... 1Password hits me in an existing tag before ... I pay the proposal with RETURN ... now the proposal is without bubble (blue background) in the tag line ... I press return again ... now the proposal complies with bubble in the line but the line is not more focused and I have to constantly use the mouse to activate line so I can add more tags ... this is not very pleasant, or I'm doing incorrect operation?

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  • Hi Björn ( @bjornseidel‌ ),

    First of all, thanks for creating separate posts for each issue, that helps a lot!

    Now, the issue that you mention is already filed in our internal issue tracker. I'm happy to mention to our developers that you're keen to see this fixed just as soon as possible.

    ref: OPM-595

  • Thank you very much.


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    Happy new year. :)

  • The tags will be listed in a textarea. If you enter multiple tags in a text box, you lose the overview. Please see my screenshot.

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    That's a known issue and will be improved in a future update. Thanks for letting us know!

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