Field "Description" like notes

Today I have to delve me again with 1Password and there a few things I have noticed, or I do not get this to operate. See the overview in the forum to keep I'll open multiple threads.

I have so many software licenses because we forget the time that the program is what. I would like to create a "Description" field with a text area as notes. Only one line text field limits the information a lot. Notes I want to keep free for me instructions (Did a software with a 10-point instructions to activate the software).

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  • Hi Björn ( @bjornseidel‌ ),

    First of all, I like your use of the notes field in the software licenses category - that's a great idea! I'd be happy to mention to our developers that you'd like a bit more flexibility in the other fields. You're right, that one-line text field has limited usefulness.

  • Thank you very much.


  • It seems like you're quite the user of 1Password, hopefully we can make it more useful for you :smile:

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