1Password Extension fails to fill in username/password on active.com

I was recently trying to sign up for an event, and when I got to the sign in page on active.com (https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=8111252), the extension shows my login information, but tapping it doesn't fill anything. If I switch to the 1Password app and copy and paste the login information, that of course works.


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    Hi @bemjb,

    When I click the link from your message, it opens a page that doesn't have a login form - but I assume you're choosing one of the options on that page and then seeing the sign in options? If so, the problem is that the fields on that login form are contained inside a frame, and unfortunately the iOS app cannot fill data into fields within frames. This is currently a limitation of iOS in general.

    Because of that, it looks like you'll need to copy & paste your login information on that site. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you about that, but hopefully this helps to explain what's going on. If you have more questions, just let us know! :)

  • This is a major drawback of 1P in general. I just bought it, and on my Mac I changed all my passwords to strong ones. With my mistakes and other problems, it has taken 2 days to finish.And now on the iPhone and iPad, I can't use them without a multi-step process that is a pain. Unless there is a better suggestion, I will go back to the simple, easily remembered passwords I was using before. The only advantage that 1P provides is that it is secure storage, synced across platforms. Otherwise, meh...

  • Unless there is a better suggestion, I will go back to the simple, easily remembered passwords I was using before.

    It is a very bad idea to use simple, easy to crack passwords. It is far better to have to spend just a few seconds longer to log into a site but to know that your data is secure.

    The only advantage that 1P provides is that it is secure storage, synced across platforms.

    That is incorrect. 1P enables you to use different, strong and complex passwords on every site into which you must log in. You should not underestimate the importance of that. I'm not sure quite why you're finding it so difficult to use 1P on your iOS devices. I can't think of any sites (as opposed to apps, of course) I'm unable to log in to using 1P and the built-in browser (never mind the extension that enables 1P to work with Safari).

    Most of the time there is no "multi-step" process for usng saved login items (only for logging in to other iOS apps and things like iCloud—where, of course, it's even more important to use a strong, unique password).


  • The problem is not with websites (although I have found some glitchy ones). It is the apps. Most credit card sites, banks, investment firms, etc. use apps rather than websites. The lack of a convenient solution for logging into them is a problem that needs to be addressed. Apparently the app developers or Apple have different viewpoints regarding secure passwords, which is very surprising.

  • Because of Apple's sandbox restrictions on iOS it is not possible for apps to work at will with other apps. I suggest you look at:

    This knowledge base article about the 1P5 extension

    This blog post about the extension

    You will then see that AgileBits has done everything possible to facilitate interaction with other iOS apps...but also that it is now up to the developers of those other apps (e.g., the banks, in your example) to take the matter forward so there is in fact integration. If you also look at this page you'll see there is in fact already an extensive list of apps that do integrate with 1Password.


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    @etlebsack logging into some apps is indeed more time consuming especially if they don't integrate 1Password. However more and more apps are integrating 1Password and if any of your favourite apps didn't do so already I'd encourage you to ask the developer to add this.

    And as @Stephen_C already mentioned strong and unique passwords are very important and what 1Password offers in that regard should not be underestimated. Personally I'd rather have the inconvenience of copying the password from 1Password and pasting it into the app I want to log in to over the security of my data. But of course this is a personal decision.

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