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I have had an iphone 6 plus since Sept and just got an iPad Air 2 both running IOS 8.1.2. I have used 1Password for sometime and since getting the new OS I have used multiple keyboards in most apps. The problem I have is that when I start 1Password it launches with Emoji as the keyboard and switching cannot be carried out! The only way around this is to remove the Emoji keyboard which is very annoying. Has anyone else come across this and is an update planned to resolve it?


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    Hi @Bossman1959‌,

    This is likely an iOS bug, it must show you the primary language keyboard whenever you enter 1Password because the master password is a secure field, no custom keyboard can be opened for this.

    For some reason if I understand you correctly, iOS is using the emoji keyboard as the secure keyboard, which doesn't make sense.

    Can you confirm your English keyboard is on the list? If yes, does dragging emoji keyboard below the English keyboard work fine?

  • Hi @MikeT,

    I am not sure if it's an iOS bug or not but it doesn't seem to occur elsewhere. However, your comment has given a solution to the problem.
    I have several keyboards loaded with various functions and Emoji was last in the list. One I didn't use any more was the basic English keyboard. I have now added it again and put it at the top. Not only does it appear when a keyboard is needed but it has a key enabling me to switch to emoji !
    As far as I am concerned this is now resolved.
    Bossman1959 B)

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    Thanks for the feedback!

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