Select to most-recently-used login if multiple logins available for same site

I have several logins for a given website. When I invoke the 1Password shortcut (command-), 1Password helpfully provides a list of known logins. The first login in the alphabetical list is selected by default.

Could you please make it so that the most-recently-used login for the site were selected by default (rather than the first login in the alphabetical list). This change would eliminate keystrokes or mouse fumbling and make 1Password even faster!

Thanks for a great product.


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for the suggestion, @mkh!

    For now, if you use one of the logins for that site more often than the others, it may help to mark that as a Favorite (in the main 1Password app, click the "star" icon in the item details). The star will become illuminated to indicate that it's a favorite, and when you go to that website, it will appear above the other logins for the same site.

    If you need anything else, we're always glad to help. Happy New Year! :smiley:

  • Thanks Drew. That's a helpful characteristic of the "favorite" mechanism, and I'll use it for now. However, I think that it still makes sense to consider the "last used" login idea, because there may be cases where "last used" is different from/orthogonal to "favorite". Happy New Year!

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Happy new year!

  • i'd like to second that the favorites trick is nice but not a total solution - i have a few websites where i have two users saved, but 99% of the time i'm using a given one of them, and would love for cmd + \ to autofill and submit (not just highlight in the list, which is all the favorites thing does. I guess that's only one extra keystroke of hitting enter, but still..).

    I read in the forums that some people were experiencing unwanted autofill/submit for sites where they have multiple users saved, but for me that would not be a problem and would rather be a good thing. It looks like if i really wanted to, i could manipulate the saved URLs somehow so that the primary one would auto fill, but it would be nice to just have an option to check, if wanted, 'auto fill this particular login when cmd + \ is pressed'.

    Similarly, and this is what i generally do, I could just copy the second login as a note in the card for the main login - but this is neither secure nor is it convenient for the rare occasion when i DO want to use that second login.

    So, sure - there are multiple workarounds and it's only a minor inconvenience, but if you guys ever got around to it - i'd love to have an option to autofill a certain login (whether based on last used or something else) whenever i have two for a particular site.

  • Hi @robertoleonardo‌

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here! I'll be sure to pass along your feedback to our team. :)

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