How to reset everything [Resolved: use 'Starting Over' instructions in Knowledgebase]

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Hello, I just bought this product, but cannot find actual support anywhere (ticketing system or phone number). I had downloaded the free version of the app sometime ago and set it up but didn't use it at all, and I just now bought the mac app. However, while trying to set up my new account with iCloud sync, it's prompting me to input my old password (to the old setup I didn't use), but I can't remember it after many attempts. It appears there's no way to simply reset everything. How can I do this so I can get started using this product?


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    Take a look at the knowledge base article about Starting Over. I think that will get you going.

    You don't say where you made your purchase, but only the version from the Mac App Store can sync with iCloud. If you bought from the AgileBits web store, you won't have access to iCloud as a result of an Apple decision. If you did just buy from AgileBits and really do want iCloud and wouldn't be happy using Dropbox, you can request a refund within 30 days, and then buy from Apple.

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    Hi @aarclark,

    If you'd like to start with a new vault, please follow the starting over guide linked above by hawkmoth.

    You may also need to delete old data from iCloud:

    • Open System Preferences.
    • Click iCloud.
    • Click Manage... next to the storage meter.
    • Click 1Password (or onepassword) in the sidebar on the left, then Delete Documents & Data to remove the data from iCloud.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions. We're always happy to help!

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