Unable to install safari extension

Just purchased 1Password for both Mac and iOS, everything installed fine except I am unable to install the Safari extension.
I am able to download the extension but then when I try to install I get an error message: "Safari can't install the extension an error occurred while installing the extension "1Password".
I have a MacBook Pro on OS X 10.10.1


  • This problem has cropped up from time to time on this forum and a suggested solution that has worked for some is to restart Safari and try again to install the extension.

    If that doesn't work please post again.


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    Hi @mmcha,

    Did @Stephen_C's recommendation do the trick here? If not, it may be worth trying a full reboot or alternative a Repair Permissions in Disk Utility. Sometimes Safari decides it can't copy the extension to its extensions directory.


  • Re-installed the latest version of Kaspersky anti-virus and that did it. Extension installed perfectly. I guess the anti-virus somehow blocked the install.
    I did not re-install the virtual keyboard that comes with Kaspersky anti-virus as I figured this could conflict.

  • That's great to hear you've resolved it @mmcha and thank you for reporting back on what it seemed to be related to. It will no doubt allow us to help others in your situation so thank you :smile:

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