In-app filling and the TD Canada app... sigh

So a while back, TD updated their Android app and it would stop you from pasting a passwords which greatly annoyed me because I have a complicated password that is a pain to type out. I thought in-app filling might help, but alas, even that is blocked from inserting my password.

I'm guessing it's impossible that 1Password + TD app will ever work unless they remove the paste block from the password field, right?


  • periperi

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    edited January 2015

    Hi @halshak‌. Thanks for getting in touch wish us.:)

    The beauty of 1Password's Android version of app filling is that it doesn't require pasting, which allows us to bypass use of the clipboard altogether. Rather, the login fields are set to the specified values. I'll look into this issue to find out if this is another app for which app filling doesn't currently work, or if it is indeed an issue with TD that will prevent it from working.

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