Issues with iOS 5.1.2 (501204)

RadocRadoc Junior Member

I just did a Wi-Fi sync between the above iOS app and Mac version 5.1 beta 29 and encountered three problems:

  1. On one attempt, although the item counts matched after a few seconds of syncing, the sync didn't stop after a few minutes. I ended it by tapping Syncing in the Settings:Sync tab.

  2. At one point, I ran 1Password on the iPhone and got an error message saying that there was a problem and that I should re-launch 1Password on the Mac and enter my password there. I haven't seen this before.

  3. During one sync, although the total item counts matched, one of the categories (Identities) was off by 1 on the iPhone. I tapped that category to show the two items, and that updated the item count.


  • Hi @Radoc‌

    1. I've seen this one myself. I believe this one should be resolved in the next iOS release.
    2. This one I'm curious about. If it happens again can you let us know the full text of the error message. If it's easier you can take a screenshot of your iOS device by pressing both the home button and power button at the same time. That way you can take a snapshot and not worry about recording it there and then.
    3. I've found a bug report on this so I'll add your report to it. Thank you. ref: OPI-884
  • RadocRadoc Junior Member

    Hi @littlebobbytables: I'll definitely take a screenshot if I see that message again. (I thought of it a few seconds too late!)

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Hi @Radoc,

    Are you still seeing the issue with the stuck syncing process in the iOS app? We have heard of this issue but haven't been able to reproduce it yet.

    If you can reproduce it, can you let it sit there for a minute and then email us your diagnostic report to [email protected] with a link to this thread. Please include your forum username in the email.


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