OTP Compatibility w/ 1Password for Android

Hi, I am also a 1Password for iOS & Mac user. Recently, 1Password for iOS beta added support for OTP, so I added a OTP field to some of my login items.

On 1Password for Mac, I can not view the actual OTP but other than that everything is fine.

On 1Password for Android, I can not even view any login item that has a OTP field in it. Will an update be available soon that at least make the Android version behave like the Mac version? Thank you.


  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Hey @tommyang‌. Thank you for helping us make 1Password better! I created a new login item with an one-time password field on the most recent 1Password iOS Beta and I didn't notice any issues. The behaviour was very similar to what you see on your Mac.

    However, when I updated an existing login item to add an OTP field, I started noticing issues on Android. I have reported this problem to our developers and they will look into it. Thank you so much!

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