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I have my son registered as a user with his own area on my Mac He has full access to all the software in my computer and everything works fine but 1Password. Version 5.1 works fine in my area but it keeps asking my son for a license which he, obviously, does not have.
Is it normal?


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    Your license will work for him, but has to be set up.

    Copy your license felinity a place where he can find it (the Dropbox in his Public folder is probably best) and then apply it when he runs 1PW.

  • Hi @Tigre12

    When you apply the licence the information is stored in your user account rather than altering the application. As danco has helpfully pointed out, your licence is valid for your son, actually up to 5 other family members besides yourself and covers you and them on as many Macs as you have in the household. All you need to do is apply the licence file once and it should all be resolved. As well as Dropbox a simple pen drive or even the Shared user on all Macs will allow you to share the licence file quickly.

    If you have any more questions or problems with this please do let us know.

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    I requested to have my licence sent to my e-mail (the same I used to buy 1PW) but I got two licenses: 1 for 1PW 2 and 1 for 1PW 3, and I have 1PW 5.1.
    Moreover, if I get the correct license key, how do I type it into the software which, I seem to understand, only accepts a file?
    Sorry if it is a stupid question

  • Hi @Tigre12 ,

    Not a stupid question at all! We changed our licensing between 1Password 3 and 1Password 4: version 3 uses a license key, and 1Password 4 and 5 use a license file.

    Now, I've located your license details in our back office records (using the email address attached to your forum account), and I see that you actually have two 'accounts' in our records. I've merged them together and am re-sending you all of your license details (including the 1Password 5 license file) to the email address on record.

    I hope this gets you all sorted out, but if you have any further questions or concerns, we're here for you!

    ref: 682029

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