How to deal with sites that require RSA token info for login

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I regularly log into two healthcare enterprise sites for which I'm required to carry RSA token fobs. At one, I enter the https:// URL, then I'm prompted to enter my username and password (which consists of a non-changing PIN I've created, followed by the changing 6-digit string presented by the RSA device. On the other, it's a bit different; I enter the secure server URL, and then I'm asked to enter the username in one field, the PIN in a second field, and the changing 6-digit string in a third.
At each of these sites, at some points in the login process 1Password throws up a dialog asking me to unlock to update my password. Of course, there's no sense in doing so, because my presented credentials will change each and every time I log in.
Is there some way I can turn off these prompts for specific sites where I really can't integrate 1Password into the login process?

Thanks so much.


  • Hi @CalfeeRider

    Yes you can and you have two ways of doing so.

    When you're asked if you would like to update your password there should be a little cog in the lower left hand corner of the window (see image below)

    As you can see there is an option in there where you can tell 1Password not to bother you for this site.

    Another route is through 1Password's preferences. In the Browser tab there is a free-from text field at the bottom and this is actually where the list is kept if you use the route above. It can be edited, domains added etc. Just to let you know at the moment it can't handle wildcards - I don't know if that's an issue for you or not.

    If you have any questions arising from any of this please do ask :smile:

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