purchaced 1Password3 -> free upgrade to 4 -> need to purchase 5?


I purchased my 1password3 in 2011. A while ago I had the option of a free upgrade to 4. I have since upgraded to 5. Now it is asking for a license file. I have a license key. There is no place to paste my key. I emailed for the license to be sent to me, but all I get is the same key, no file. Do I need to purchase 1password5?

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  • By the way, my "free trial" expires in 1 day.

  • Hi Sofia ( @srobb1 ),

    Thanks for taking the time to write in! I was able to locate your license in our back office records using the email address attached to your forum account. It does show a license for 1Password 3 purchased in 2011, but there is no upgrade to 1Password 4 on file. All 1Password users who purchased 1Password 3 in 2013 were eligible for a free upgrade to 1Password 4, if you purchased in 2011, you're a little bit outside the upgrade window. Do you recall where you saw the option to upgrade for free?

    There was a bug in 1Password 4 where some users were not correctly prompted to enter a license file after the trial period had expired, so in some cases users were able to use a trial of 1Password 4 for an indefinite period of time. We have a post in the forums explaining the error, and your options moving forward: 'Trial expired' notice in 1Password 5 for Mac?

    If you would like me to help you track down your upgrade to 1Password 4, I'd be more than happy to - simply provide me with some alternate names and email addresses that I can search in our system. If you think you might not have upgraded to 1Password 4, you will get a sweet discount on a 1Password 5 license because you already use 1Password. Simply enter your 1Password 3 license key on our upgrade page before purchasing to see your discount.

    I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions or concerns, we're here for you!

    ref: 542725

  • It was so long ago that I switched to 1Password 4. I probably did not use a different email address. But I do remember having to enter my key a few times over the years. Earlier today I tried entering my Key in the upgrade window and it did not find anything. But just tried it again, and it worked and I do get a discount!! Yea! Ok I will use the discount and purchase 1Password 5. This price is much better.

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  • Hi Sofia ( @srobb1 ),

    Thanks so much for supporting 1Password - I'm glad that you're all sorted out! I hope that 1Password behaves perfectly for you from now on, but if you have any further questions or concerns, we're here to help. :)

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