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Yosemite is the prettiest OS X yet but just does not work reliably enough on my mid 2012 MBP due to graphics hardware incompatibilities. I have to roll back to Mavericks for my work and sanity. This means I have to give up 1password 5 (which I'm very fond of) in favor of 1password 4, but I've added many entries since I've been using Yosemite. How to best avoid losing my new entries?

My question is how best to get my data (PW vault) from version 5 back into version 4. Is the format the same? Will I need to import it? Should I switch my syncing from icloud to dropbox before hand?

Thank you.


  • Hi @Leif,

    Version 4 and 5 use the exact same support file formatting and structure. It means you could simply copy across the relevant folders and you're done. We have a Starting Over guide which, while intended to let users know what files to move also serves to let you know where we store all the important files. I'm pointing you to that guide as you didn't mention where you purchased from (either direct from us or from Apple's Mac App Store (MAS)). Given you mentioned iCloud I suspect it's the MAS one but best to look for confirmation first.

    General iCloud access could be a problem for you though. If you upgraded to iCloud Drive when you tried out Yosemite then you may not be too happy to hear that the upgrade is un-reversible. If you return to Mavericks after upgrading to iCloud Drive then iCloud storage will be effectively cut off until you upgrade at some point in the future. That may affect other applications. As you've guessed though, you can continue syncing if you're happy to change to Dropbox which is not just platform agnostic but also pretty much platform version agnostic too.

    If you have any follow up questions do please ask! :smile:

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