Non techy help please

I have downloaded the app onto my two devices with Premium unlocked.
1 HTC One and 2 Samsung galaxy note 10.1
What I want to know is how do I keep both devices in sync?
I have created a lot of information on my tablet but it doesn't seem to go across to my phone.
I guess I need to do something else?


  • Hi @mikeact,

    I think this page on Sync your data will point you in the right direction. There is a link on that page that will redirect you to a Sync page. As long as you are happy using Dropbox you can have your two devices remain in sync without any effort after the initial set up.

    If you have any follow up questions though do please ask.

  • Sorry, I know this sounds probably stupid but I've downloaded Dropbox, but what now, as password seems to be syncing to Dropbox bur there's nothing in it. Do I have to do something else with Dropbox ? And the passport data on my phone is just the same. Thanks.

  • So, my phone has created a vault with Dropbox. Logging in with my tablet, I expected it to sync with Dropbox using the same login details for both devices. My tablet, which has all my Passport data on does not want to sync however, which means that I can't pull the data off Dropbox to my phone. I guess I might now have to hunt around for an alternative sadly.

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    Thanks for downloading and configuring Dropbox. I assume you were able to create a vault on your phone by going into 1Password's Setting > Sync > Sync using Dropbox. If you already created a vault in Dropbox and you are able to view /Apps/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain in the Dropbox application, you can go ahead with connecting your tablet to the same data folder.

    To accomplish this, launch 1Password on your tablet and go into Settings > Sync > Sync using Dropbox. 1Password should automatically detect the vault in your Dropbox account and ask if you want to use the vault. Tap on Select and enter the master password. You should now be seeing all of your items on your tablet too!

    If you are not, or you are not seeing the 1Password.agilekeychain in your Dropbox account, please let me know and I will help you configure sync between your devices.

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